Working to Keep You Safe

We’ve implemented additional procedures to ensure our cafe remains a safe place for you to enjoy.

The Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe team is here for you! In light of the current situation with the corona virus, we’re going above and beyond in our deep-cleaning procedures regiment and quality assurance program to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Our team maintains the highest standards for cleanliness and sanitation here at the cafe. That said, given the situation, we’ve taken the following steps to up our game:

  1. Team members are informed to stay home should they feel under the weather.
  2. More frequent hand-washing.
  3. Additional glove use.
  4. Team members were provided additional training on all sanitation procedures to ensure effectiveness.
  5. Point of sale cleaning frequency is increased. Please be patient as you will see the touch screens being cleaned regularly. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are provided at the point of sale.

The health and welfare of our neighbors and team is our first priority! We will remain vigilant to support our community in this time of need. We are here for you and look forward to your next visit.

Best Wishes,
Good Company Owners
Katherine & James Murphy, Melissa & Charles Kachadoorian, and Tim Terry