served 11:00 am – close

AVOCADO – wholegrain toast, avocado, citrus $7.00
BUTTER JAM – sourdough, creamy butter and strawberry jam $3.00
FIG, HONEY & HAM – wholegrain, fig, organic honey, and rosemary ham $9.00
BRUSCHETTA – baguette, fresh tomato sauce, herbs, shaved parmesan $7.00
FIG, HONEY & BURRATA – wholegrain, fig, organic honey, and fresh burrata $9.00
SANDWICHES – served w/ chips
…add a cup of soup or a salad +$3.00
CUBANO – fresh bread, house braised pork shoulder sliced thin, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and yellow mustard $12.00
STEAK PITA – NY strip skewered, salata and hummus sauce on a toasted pita $12.00
*lose the steak – platter of hummus, salata, veggies, and toasted pita bread
ITALIAN – ciabatta, two hams, butter lettuce, provolone, hots, Italian dressing $11.00
BLT – ciabatta, thick cut maple bacon, sliced tomato, butter lettuce, mayo, lemon vinaigrette $10.00
PLT – ciabatta, thick cut pancetta, sliced tomato, butter lettuce, mayo, pickle vinaigrette $10.00
VEGETABLE – cucumber, carrot, butter lettuce, greens, sprouts, choice of vinaigrette $10.00
add cheese $1.00
GRILLED CHEESE – sourdough, gruyere, cheddar, butter $9.00
PB&J – fresh baked house honey English Muffin or wholegrain, peanut butter, and jelly $7.00
SALADS – served with bread
MIXED GREENS – butter lettuce, greens, vegetables, nuts, goat cheese, sherry vinaigrette $11.00
SALATA – cucumber, cherry tomato, onion, garlic, lemon vinaigrette $11.00
COMPOSED GREENS – haricot verts, potato, pickled vegetables, lemon vinaigrette $11.00
… add: tikka / chicken +$3.00
SOUPS – served with bread $8.00
SOUP DU JOUR – house stock; fresh, house soup of the day
VEGETABLE – house vegetable stock; fresh vegetable of the day
BOURBON STREET – Cajun crème with chicken and vegetables