breakfast served 7-11am

Doughnuts & Pastries

Jelly Filled Doughnut


Chocolate Frosted Doughnut


Maple Bacon Doughnut


Honey Dipped Doughnut


Maple Frosted Doughnut


Cake Doughnuts


Plain, Cinnamon Sugar, Jelly Stick, Cruller

Chocolate Glazed Doughnut


Dozen Classic


Dozen Specialty


1/2 Dozen – Classic


1/2 Dozen – Specialty


Long John


Cinnamon Bun


Big Apple





Protein Breakfast


Two soft or hard-boiled eggs, salt & pepper

Protein Breakfast w/ Veggies


Two soft or hard boiled eggs with asparagus and tomatoes in lemon vinaigrette

Egg and Cheese Sandwich


Scrambled egg and cheddar on fresh baked house semolina & honey English muffin … add bacon, pancetta, ham, or avocado +$1.00

Egg Bowl w/ Tomatoes


Buttered Ciabatta (or wholegrain), soft-boiled eggs, sliced cherry tomato, asparagus, lemon vinaigrette … add bacon or pancetta or ham +$1.00

Egg Grain Bowl


Farro, wheat berries, sliced cherry tomato, asparagus, pesto, lemon vinaigrette


How You Like It


Customize with fresh berries / jam / nuts / granola / brown sugar / side of cream ...add maple syrup +$1.00

How We Do It


Steel-cut oats loaded up with nuts, fresh berries, cream, maple […]




Wholegrain toast, avocado, citrus

Butter & Jam


Ciabattta, creamy butter and strawberry jam



Ciabattta, fresh tomato sauce, herbs, shaved parmesan

Fig, Honey & Burrata


Wholegrain, fig, organic honey, fresh burrata, thyme

Fig, Honey & Ham


Wholegrain, fig, organic honey, Boar’s Head rosemary ham, thyme

Peach, Pancetta & Feta


Ciabatta, peach, Boar’s Head pancetta and Dodoni feta

Italian Breakfast Charcuterie



A selection of Boar’s Head ham and one rotating meat, fruit and accouterments



A selection of two cheeses, fruit and accouterments



Meat and cheese board with fruit and accouterments