Tomato Bread

Ciabatta, fresh tomato sauce, garlic purée, parmesan Reggiano, basil (V)

Quesadillas App

Hand-made house flour tortillas, melted cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and lime creme

Chicken Taco

Two chicken thigh taco, fresh pico de gallo, guac, and salsa verde, served on our hand-made house flour tortillas. Finished with lime cream, cotija crumbles, and cilantro.

Italian Sandwich

Ciabatta, rosemary ham, finnochi salami, picante provolone, Mama Lil’s hots, butter lettuce, and Italian vinaigrette.


Fresh baked house honey english muffin or wholegrain, peanut butter, and jelly.

Mixed Greens Salad

Butter and artisan lettuce, romaine, garden vegetables, fresh goat cheese, walnuts and herbs (GF) (V)