Bagel & Lox

Smoked Norwegian Salmon, capers, red onion, fennel tips, and lemon juice over a toasted bagel and cream cheese. Choose your bagel: everything, plain, pumpernickel.

Shakshuka Bowl

Stewed pepper, onions, and San Marzano tomatoes, soft boiled egg, and cilantro. Served with fresh, buttered ciabatta toast (GF).

Ham & Swiss

Scrambled egg, Italian rosemary ham and Swiss cheese on our toasted english muffin.

Meat Lover

Our delicious egg and cheddar cheese sandwich loaded with Italian rosemary ham, Genoa salami, and applewood bacon.

Big n Smoky Brisket Breakfast

5 oz of our delicious brisket, home fries, three fried eggs, fresh avocado, house pico and bravas sauce, and buttered toast.

Turkey Sausage & Bell Pepper

Turkey sausage

Scrambled egg, Vermont white cheddar cheese, turkey sausage, bell peppers and sage on our toasted english muffin.

Salmon & Eggs

Salmon and Eggs

Seared Salmon and soft scrambled eggs, home fries, blistered tomatoes, goat cheese, and buttered toast.