Long John

Long and delicious! An amazingly light and airy doughnut filled with bavarian pastry cream and topped with our chocolate goco-ganache.

Maple Bacon

Light & fluffy yeast raised maple frosted doughnut topped with fresh crispy bacon and a little something special to spice things up.



What’s better than our honey dipped doughnut? Two tied together.


Light & fluffy yeast raised doughnut filled with our house made bavarian pastry cream and coated with doughnut sugar.

Apple Cinnamon

Raised Sugar Donut

Light & fluffy yeast raised doughnut HOT tossed in Saigon Cinnamon Sugar and filled with our cinnamony-apple jelly.

Red Raspberry

Jelly Doughnut

Classic raspberry jelly doughnut, light and fluffy and wicked good.

Chocolate Frosted Sprinkles

Chocolate Frosted Sprinkles

Light & fluffy yeast raised doughnut, hand frosted with our very own chocolate ganache and topped with sprinkles.

Sugar Raised

Sugar Raised

Light & fluffy yeast raised doughnut HOT rolled in granulated sugar.

Red Raspberry Powdered

Classic raspberry jelly doughnut rolled in powdered sugar. Soft and sweet and absolutely worth the sugar-stache.