Light & fluffy yeast raised doughnut filled with our house made bavarian pastry cream and coated with doughnut sugar.

Apple Cinnamon

Raised Sugar Donut

Light & fluffy yeast raised doughnut HOT tossed in Saigon Cinnamon Sugar and filled with our cinnamony-apple jelly.

Red Raspberry

Jelly Doughnut

Classic raspberry jelly doughnut, light and fluffy and wicked good.

Red Raspberry Powdered

Classic raspberry jelly doughnut rolled in powdered sugar. Soft and sweet and absolutely worth the sugar-stache.

Blueberry Buttercream

Light & fluffy yeast raised doughnut filled with our silky sweet blueberry jelly and topped with our buttery, sweet house made vanilla buttercream.

Mocha Espresso

Mocha Espresso

Our amazing chocolate frosted yeast raised with a silky smooth buttercream whipped with our Black Cat espresso… and a dollop on top will do ya!

Lil’ Blue

Lil' Blue

Blueberry fritter-ish. Sweet blueberry filled and a little crispy.

Big Apple

Lil' Blue

Our take on a classic. Apple fritter made with just the right amount of cinnamon and loaded with delicious apple filling. Just like Stella’s apple pie.



What’s better than our honey dipped doughnut? Two tied together.