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A little about us ...

Good Company Doughnuts & Café is a family-owned and operated café that specializes in baking the freshest, and most delicious, doughnuts in Arlington.

We serve specialty coffee by Intelligentsia and prepare a wide selection of mouth-watering breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for takeout and delivery.

We look forward to serving you.

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Yoga Doughnut
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Raised on yeast, flour and love…

The beginning – 1960s Florida

The history of Good Company Doughnuts & Café dates back to the Murphy family leaving their small farm in Connecticut for the sunny shores of Florida.

In 1962, Earl and Shirley Murphy opened the original Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts in Jupiter, Florida, which began a legacy of successful stores around the country.

Murphy Family Doughnut Shop

A continued tradition

Jim and Kate Murphy carried on this tradition and successfully ran Mrs. Murphy’s Donut Shop in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, for nearly two decades until health issues forced them to sell the shop in 2003.

In those 17 years, Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts

  • Sold over 800 dozen doughnuts weekly
  • Provided a place for family and friends to gather
  • Nurtured countless friendships
  • Served and supported the community

Jim’s brother Earl and his wife Rose Murphy owned Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts located in Southwick, Massachusetts, with their daughters. They earned national recognition for excellence from established media outlets, including:

  • NBC Nightly News
  • Huffington Post
  • Saveur Magazine

They’ve been a staple in the community for over 40 years!

Mrs. Murphy's Doughnuts

A brand new start

In 2016 the stars aligned. Jim and Kate picked up and moved to Arlington where Kate’s brother Charlie and wife Melissa were living to start a new adventure. After two long years of planning and preparation, the families and business partner Tim Terry decided to take the leap and opened Good Company Doughnuts & Café in Ballston.  

At the start, our goal was to create a unique all-day cafe, a neighborhood spot, a place where excellent quality doughnuts, coffee, and food are made with love. A place where families, friends, and neighbors can gather and laugh and create memories. Good Company Doughnuts & Café is a family’s dream come true.

Besides, who better to eat good doughnuts with than good company.

Good Company Doughnut Shop in Arlington
Murphy Family Doughnut Story

Donut stop thinking about tomorrow…