We’ll Try to Help with Baking Supplies (and Inspiration!)

Living in our little gocodough bubble where we’re buried in flour every day, we couldn’t believe it when we heard people were having a hard time finding flour to bake bread at home. We immediately offered to sell four pounds of flour with two ounces of yeast for $5 to make these items available quickly.

It occurred to us that our neighbors may be in need of other items that could be more convenient to pick up from us. Please let us know what else is in short supply or would be convenient to get from us and we’ll see if we can get some in.

All proceeds for these items will go directly to paying for the Kid’s Meal Program where we offer one free meal to school-aged kids in need per day for as long as we can.

In the meantime, we have King Arthur Sir Galahad all-purpose flour and high-quality SAF instant yeast here to get you baking. Check out our easy recipes for bread and pasta for you to try!

French Bread

  • 593 grams Sir Galahad Flour
  • 386 grams Water
  • 12 grams Salt
  • 9 grams Yeast

Basic Pasta

  • 300 grams Sir Galahad Flour
  • 3 large eggs
  • 3 pinches salt
  • *Plan for 100g of pasta per serving

Apply standard bread (pasta) making techniques to these recipes and you’ll have a great result!  If you are in need of a class, check out “Techniques For The Professional Baker” videos on YouTube by Jeffrey Hamelman of King Arthur Flour.  He’s a pro!

Finally, we here at Good Company are overwhelmed by the support that we’ve received from our community! We don’t have the words to express just how grateful we are to be here and to be in a position to serve during this difficult time.

We are focused on the health and wellness of our team, our neighbors, and country! To that end, we are balancing our continued food service along with the taking the necessary precautions to slow the spread.

We are also concerned about the food security of the young and old so we’ve been running a free Kid’s Meal Program that we’re proud to say has provided over 400 homemade meals filling the bellies of quite a few young ones. We’re also offering free delivery to seniors in the Ballston area.

None of this would be possible without the amazing and heartwarming generosity of our neighbors who continue to visit us and many are making donations for these programs.  We want to thank everyone for their contributions to our community.  Together we’ll make it through!

Happy Baking & Pasta Making!